On this day…


Today we celebrate

  • the Women we have taken for granted,
  • the Women we have loved and lost,
  • the Women who have given us care, love and protection,
  • the Women who have chosen to go their own way,
  • the Women who have privileged our lives more than their own,
  • the Women who have shown us the way,
  • the Women who have sacrificed much so we can be here in this moment in our history.

Today we celebrate Being a Woman, and be reminded of the need to pay attention and be vigilant as we go into our future – to honour the women in our lives.

Let our wisdom guide us to appreciate the beauty of our uniqueness and difference, and our shared humanity.

Happy International Women’s Day!



~ FlorenceT


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A (somewhat) new journey


There is a bit of ‘reconstruction’ happening here.

Why?  Because I have migrated my other blog here – a blog set up ‘to experiment with writing’… meaning in effect a place where I am prepared to make mistakes, to make a ‘fool’ of myself as I learn new things, to be ‘silly’ or to take ‘risks’. 

Well, I am among friends so why not do them all here… 🙂  Writing, exploring meanings in life, taking risks… they are one and the same.  The process has been, for me, inseparable.

Before I continue, a big ‘thank you’ to Ronovan at RonovanWrites (he who has tips for everything if you’d only ask!) for his help with the blog migration.

So, there are now more posts here on Meanings and Musings.  While ‘reconstruction’ is going on, I will introduce you to some of my previous posts. I can’t be ‘constructing’ and writing at the same time :-).

If you wish to look for ‘things’, use the tag cloud on the right.  It is likely to yield more than the menu links above for now.

I see a path, I hear a beckoning,
I will take this path for I am inspired.
My curious mind insists.

– FlorenceT


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Time off…



In this final post for 2014, I wish for you…

peace_love_harmonyPeace, that is to be in a place of chaos, noise, trouble and adversity, and still know your Self within the silence of your soul.

Love, which is universal, unconditional and complete with compassion and affection.

Harmony where you are Whole and not discordant, where you are One and in rightness with your World.

Also at this time, in our giving and receiving, in our speech and listening, in our reflection and anticipating, I wish for us Grace, rejoicing in our lives that just are.

I am thankful for the support received, the thoughtful comments and interactions, and most significantly, the beautiful people whom I have had the privilege to engage with.

Now it is time to take time… to consolidate my experiences, what I have learnt, to go to that place of solitude I have been missing and rejuvenate as I know I will, to ponder the future… and importantly, to spend precious time with the much-loved people in my life.

See you in 2015!

Wishing you rest and safety,
– FlorenceT


Image 2: Sunrise, Mountains by Paradasia  

© 2014 Copyright reserved. The author asserts her moral and legal rights over this work.

Reconstruction in progress


I am inspired!  So yes, I am in the process of reconstructing this blog so we (well, to be honest, I) can find the posts easier.  Checkout the improved menu. 

In the meantime, I am experimenting with other things, guess you’ll know what when you see them (right this moment, I have no idea either 🙂 )

Wish me luck! 🙂

– FlorenceT