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Memories of an era

"Take care of all your Memories. For you cannot relive them.      Bob Dylan" It is fascinating how memories return, in the least expected ways. There we were, travelling home late at night after his training. A winter’s night, and he had earlier jumped into the car, hugging himself tight and then putting his hands over… Continue reading Memories of an era

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Le bonheur mon cheri

I stopped looking for happiness. Not because I don’t want to be happy, or that I don’t believe in its existence. I stopped looking for happiness because it does not serve me, this constant evaluation of my state of happiness and this relentless searching and eventual disappointment. There is no ‘right-er’ state for me than… Continue reading Le bonheur mon cheri

Flash Fiction, Writing

A woman reborn

************** The final thing the old woman said was this. “You are a creative soul. The time is ripe for you to grasp what is written in the stars. If you stay, it will kill you. And no matter what you do, you will always have enough.” She could not believe the words. Her life… Continue reading A woman reborn

Flash Fiction, Writing

The spirit beckons?

************** She meandered through the cobbled-stone streets of the old city. Thoughts swirled in her mind, as she wondered about this … and that. Of what-ifs? And how-coulds? And but-whys? Her heart beating a little faster each time she encountered the new, the mysterious, the different… and then she saw her. She had crossed this… Continue reading The spirit beckons?