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Truth will emerge

A windy wintry day, somewhat unexpected three weeks into spring. I woke to the tinkling sound of wind chimes which hang on the front porch and sunlight peeping through the dark curtains. Looking out, everything beyond my window is silhouetted against the sun, and there it was - the Japanese maple tree transplanted to its… Continue reading Truth will emerge

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She knows

A little creativity... and I like the prompt word. Funny how some words just beckon 🙂 Prompt word 'stay' for the 'a' line, as supplied by Ronovan Write's weekly prompt.  What 'a' line? Check this out here. Self-assured undeterred they stay their way, looking for that future when the sun sets; hope she nurtures in… Continue reading She knows

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Waiting patiently…

Patience is not simply the ability to wait - it's how we behave while we're waiting. Joyce Meyer I believe we notice things because we are either consciously paying attention or subconsciously attuned to it. And amidst the hundreds of pictorial quotes, this one caught my eye ... So, other than my usual fascination with… Continue reading Waiting patiently…

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Waiting…in a room of one’s own?

Spending one's life waiting, hoping, wishing, anticipating.. but most of all, waiting.  Waiting for the moment of meeting, the moment of true connection, just waiting... Years, and the waiting turns to resentment, disappointment and pain.  The intimate moments disappearing before your eyes. So you pick yourself up, telling yourself that you are stronger than you… Continue reading Waiting…in a room of one’s own?