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Connectedness – the science

Using science to explain the meaning of connectedness… an incredible talk. “Every breath that you take contributes to the countless lives after you, lives you will never see… it is worth thinking that maybe the meaning of our lives is beyond the scope of our understanding.”     The way that we are in our… Continue reading Connectedness – the science

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Love is love

Love is love, don't you think? Does it matter the occupation, the socio-economic background, the gender, the race, the culture, the nationality, the age, the abilities... We love because we do, and we are loved just because. Some have a tendency to overthink, to intellectualize what is deeply emotional.  I wrote about labels we in… Continue reading Love is love

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Inspiration and a bit of fun

Stuck? Need a break? Or like me, just curious... Here is the link to a TED playlist of 10 talks from authors, speaking about their craft and creativity, the power of language and narrative in our lives, the importance of stillness and contemplation in a writer's life, and ultimately, the inextricable link between art and… Continue reading Inspiration and a bit of fun

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Science and romantic love

Neuroscience have charted the effects of romantic love on our brain - and surprise, surprise - the results show romantic love triggers our reptilian brain and another part of our brain, the one measuring gains and losses. For those of you who don't already know or guess, I am a nerd (self-confess and I own… Continue reading Science and romantic love

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Four in the morning

Is it a coincidence that I came across this TED talk by John G Rives titled “Museum of Four in the Morning” (see below)?  I think not, because four in the morning is also my time. Four in the morning …a moment Far removed from yesterday When the work is done, the lovemaking is passed,… Continue reading Four in the morning