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Yes, you can do anything you put your mind to;
Choose to do what fills your soul with joy.
~ FlorenceT


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How love turns pain into purpose – Stephen Hayes


Disclaimer: what this video is not – an academic talk on psychology.

What it is – an inspiring personal account of the transformative power of love in the face of human struggles and difficulties.


“… I stood up inside a promise – never again, I will not run from me.” Stephen Hayes


~ FlorenceT

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Sometimes… you have to stop


1-Night Sparkles

This poem touched something in me today. A reminder to stop… to consider where I am, where I am going. It is a reminder in these turbulent times to breathe, consciously and mindfully. It is a gentle tap on my mental shoulder to not be carried away by fear of what could go wrong, by anxiety of not being enough; not to inherit the stressful energy of others, to not succumb to the push to act.

In the moment when one is compelled to (re)act through fear, that is the moment when one needs most to be still.  Take time to gather your self, your sense of at-one-ness with the world.  This is not procrastination.  It is how we regain our sight to see that all is well, we will hear again the sweet song of joy, we can once again feel the warm embrace of the ones who love us, to taste the tingling excitement of life.

It is then we return to the self that is grateful no matter the pain, that is grace even under fire, that is love in spite of anger and hurt.


– FlorenceT


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Cherish your dreams and hopes…


The rain beats down incessantly.  The sky without a hint of blue, grey clouds hovering. The damp in the air sends chills through me, the cold unceasing. Perhaps there is something to be said for synchronicity.

So on a day of tears and gloom, I sit down to write about nurturing, seeking to add my voice to a community of bloggers sending encouraging words into the world. Apt then to speak of nurturing the self.

Expecting a rather busy day at work, plans changed and there I was, in the quiet space alone and without an immediate thing to do. Then a connection with a friend, unexpected and most welcome.  For some reason, instead of the usual commute home with music and headphones, I chose to read. And without the isolating equipment (aka headphones), I found myself in conversations with fellow commuters, sharing for a short time stories we chose to tell of our day, exchanging views of what would be considered mundane matters. And there is something in all these.

I did not plan my day to be so, nor was there an intention ‘to nurture myself’. Things fell into place because I did not fight them. Yes, I could have done work that didn’t require immediate attention, I could ignore a friend because I was at work.  As for reading instead of music, well I have no explanation other than I felt like it, so I did. Ironically, I was too tired to plan, to resist, to manage… I went with what was.


And what was, worked. Here I am at the end of a day feeling nourished. Still tired but in a better place. It is here, now as I am writing this that I can give voice to what my soul desires today – solitude but also to connect in a meaningful way, to write, to express.

Sometimes the only thing we can do is to let go and say, ‘what the heck’, ‘whatever’… Sometimes, it is then that we find the relief we need.

Nurturing ourselves is at times an act of surrender. When our minds step aside so our soul desires can take hold, this is how we feed our soul – its dreams, its hopes.

Perhaps another word for nurture is more appropriate when we speak of dreams and hopes – to cherish.  To nurture ourselves means cherishing our dreams and hopes, and we do this through honoring our soul desires.

I had attempted to cherish my dreams and hopes by taking active steps always.  In so doing, I was oblivious to or ignored my soul desires.  Untended, they remained dormant and in turn those dreams and hopes… well, they did not take flight.  Active steps are necessary to realize dreams and hopes, but they are not the same as nurturing.

Nurturing is the place of rest, nourishment, restoration… where it is alright to receive, to take in order to care for and protect yourself.

When we have nurtured our selves, when our soul desires are sufficiently nourished, our dreams and hopes will have firm ground from which to launch, to take flight.

Cherish your dreams and hopes, nurture your self!1000speak-blank

– FlorenceT

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Love and Power


heart radiance

Knowing others is intelligence; knowing yourself is true wisdom.
Mastering others is strength; mastering yourself is true power.
Tao Te Ching, Chapter 33

Love and power are mutually exclusive. Or are they?

I had wondered if one can love and still be a force to be reckoned with. If one loves, and is thus compassionate and forgiving, then one is likely to be taken advantage of in this world, isn’t it? If one loves and will not ‘do whatever it takes’ to succeed and amass influence, then how can one be powerful?

Words like love and power are used so often we take them for granted. We assume we know what they mean. We assume the words have ‘universal’ meanings.  Not so. There is love, and then there is Love.

Small letter ‘love’ is the human feeling that is relational and conditional. Here love and power can be great allies. How often have we ‘loved’ as a means of keeping control – ‘if you love me, you will…’ or ‘I love you so…’. How often have we used ‘love’ to keep our ego safe in our social world? We say we love, by doing for another, anticipating appreciation, of acknowledgement such that the reciprocity is our way of keeping the other within our influence.  As a result, how often have we been ‘angry’ or ‘disappointed’ for another’s ‘ungratefulness’ or ‘ignorance’? How often have we failed to acknowledge or accept kindness shown to us to indicate we are still in control, to show we do not need?

This ‘love’ is psychological intelligence which originates from the mind. We know that mothers ought to love their children so most of us do. We know when we encounter the special someone and we react in ways which have been culturally prescribed. I am not judging this love, it is an invaluable human experience. I do not undermine the thrill, the kindness, the care, the attention that this love can be.

Then there is ‘Love’ with a capital ‘L’ which is unconditional. This comes from soul wisdom and resides in the heart. This is the Love that is universal, soul-expressed for humanity, which acknowledges that we are at one with our world, which honours our interconnectedness with one another. This Love just is. It is heart vibration reaching out with no expectation of reciprocity. It does not control, it does not seek to direct or judge. This is in the exquisite moment when you squeeze your child so tight, smelling her hair and willing to die for her. Or when you look into your beloved’s eyes and know that you are home. In those moments, you are invincible, you are indefatigable, you are powerful beyond measure.

We all have had those moments, however fleeting. You see, Love is Power, its essence nurtures and uplifts, strengthens and guides, enfolds and protects.  It is not power over another, rather it is power of mastery of self.

Imagine if these moments are sustained… How amazing would the world be!

Often Fear keeps us from Love. Our fear of not being connected, of separateness compels us to hang on to the objects of our connectedness; we inflict our cerebral, sexual or physical power upon them in our attempt to keep them to us. For ultimately we long to be safe, we yearn to have the embrace into which we can fall. But in our Fear, there is no Love, only conditional love.

Be still in silence. Listen to your heart. Notice your body sensations. In Love, you will feel light and open, free and embolden, powerful and invincible. All is possible.

May you experience Love always,
– FlorenceT


© 2015 Copyright reserved. The author asserts her moral and legal rights over this work.