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#Haiku Challenge 63 @RonovanWrites

RonovanWrites Haiku Challenge 63 with prompt word - stag, noise Out came the thesaurus, 'discovered' the many meanings of the word and I could not dismiss the image of the proud stag alone on the hilltop... so stag = animal, it would seem. #1 Such majestic stag    Solo watchful makes no sound   Silent beauty… Continue reading #Haiku Challenge 63 @RonovanWrites

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Lighthouse and other musings

I love lighthouses… what a realisation! I cannot recall a time when I had missed an opportunity to explore one… and this time, I am dragging my children along. Approaching the lighthouse, the inescapable sense of ‘big’…perhaps the vast blue sky and roaring ocean in the background add to the sense of magnificence. Irrespective of… Continue reading Lighthouse and other musings