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Illusions shatter Images are just that. Who am I behind the projection Of a desire, a need Have I become a parody of A self, seeking expression. Am I more Will I disappoint Do these doubts reveal A self fearful, unrealised. Illusions vanish Reality beckons. A self contented Flowing with the river Floating, relishing The… Continue reading Illusions


Good enough

  Looking at these hands: - the years of wiping tears as they fall - the years of holding, soothing the child to sleep - the years of caressing with deep pain within - the years of toiling with illusions of happiness Enough. No more. You are good enough, more than this. - FlorenceT  … Continue reading Good enough

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Be gentle with yourself

Today has been one of those days, where I have demanded lots from myself, produced little and judged myself a little harshly.  This is a reminder to self, and for those who do the same at one time or another.     Image courtesy of Dreamers + Healers/FB with artist: