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Sensuousness… what’s your take on it? A rainy day in the mountains, in (what feels like) the depth of winter. As I finish the weekly errands, I long for a warm room, a seat by the window looking out into the grey sky and shadows of the nature around , a steaming cup of coffee… Continue reading Sensuousness…daily.

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Intellectual, maybe not

I grew up in a family of “intellectuals” and in a society which prized the intellect and intellectual pursuits. By “intellectuals” I do not mean a class of people by their profession, I guess academics come to mind, but rather of their behaviour – the constant asking ‘why’, the emphasis on logic or rational discourse,… Continue reading Intellectual, maybe not

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Priority… me.

It’s a life journey, isn't it :-)? To learn to manage our priorities. In fact, to learn to determine what our priorities are. Is the spotless living room necessary? Yes, it is a preference, but necessary? At which point of ‘dirtiness’ does cleaning a living room become a priority and go on the list of… Continue reading Priority… me.

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Feeding is not nourishing…

  Busy-ness and stress are no strangers in my life. I am adept at managing it all. To replenish my energy, I meditated, slept the requisite 6 hours, ate nutritious food, made lists and check them off – everything to ensure daily life ticks over as it should. Well, I probably could have gotten more… Continue reading Feeding is not nourishing…

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Ride the waves

"I beg your pardon I never promised you a rose garden Along with the sunshine there's gotta be a little rain sometime" I am prompted to write about 'How do you keep positive' by Ronovan for #BeWow. Ideally, we prepare ourselves for the times when a positive attitude is required, when we need to look… Continue reading Ride the waves

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Happiness’ butterfly

Sit. Breathe in the crisp fresh message. Let the words dance upon your heart. Feel its vibrations. Know.     Happiness is like a butterfly: the more you chase it, the more it will elude you. But if you turn your attention to other things, it will come and sit softly on your shoulder.           Richard… Continue reading Happiness’ butterfly

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World Mental Health Day

10th October - World Mental Health what can you and I, and we as a community, do? 1. Put out a message of love and hope in blogosphere, Twitter, Facebook, ... you get the idea 🙂 ; 2. Send a message of support and encouragement to a friend, to a beloved, to one in need;… Continue reading World Mental Health Day