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Only the songs 🙂  and by an artiste I enjoy listening to...from his latest album "oh my messy mind". Somehow this song is fittingly depressing.   and this, ah I'm a sucker for heartbreak songs...   Sometimes we need to tap into these emotions, they make us who we are. ~ FlorenceT   © 2019… Continue reading Heartbreak

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Those moments…

Those moments When you feel you can’t go on When hopes have disappeared When dreams have all but shattered When it seems there is no one here, Those moments When the skies seem eternally grey When tears won’t stop flowing When love is distant fleeting When all you want is escape, Those moments When your… Continue reading Those moments…

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Will we ever be free?

Perhaps it is the passing years but the import of the words to this song has become more poignant and sad.  Sad because a song that was written in 1963 (by Bob Dylan), a protest song on peace, war and freedom, still holds true 50 years on. Is the answer so intangible, that it is… Continue reading Will we ever be free?


Hold your own, know your name

On the days when I am in a funk, when I hurt, music becomes my refuge.  And here is one of the many songs that has seen me through some dark times...a song which speaks to the Strong in me. Hold your own Know your name And go your own way And everything will be… Continue reading Hold your own, know your name

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Somewhere there’s someone who dreams of your smile…

Are you that someone… dreaming of another’s smile? And so it’s true… 🙂


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Somewhere there’s someone
who dreams of your smile,
and finds in your presence
that life is worthwhile.
So, when you are lonely
remember it’s true:
somebody, somewhere
is thinking of you…

Atul Purohit


No matter where you are,
just smile and be happy… 


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