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Regret quote

And he never did, even after the many plans that we made; fantasies I now know.

The meeting at the bar in the hotel where I would wait with the excitement of young lovers, restrained familiarity. The coming upon each other on our favourite beach, where he, like me, would love to sit and listen to the waves in. The anticipation of the airport first encounter when he would exit the arrivarolling l hall and into my arms, or more I into his.

There will be no sitting on the deck of our beach home, at peace in each other’s company. No back rubs in the afternoon after a weary day of writing. Those meals we had savoured in our minds, the diverse flavours which our adventurous selves had vowed to experiment. Those carefree mornings, though few but complete with sensuous lovemaking and a bagel and coffee to follow.

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She was and is

She was beautiful, but she never knew it. She attracted the attention of the boys at school, but she never saw it. She was flattered, praised and propositioned, but she never heard them. The boys made fun of her for the perceived rejection of them. The men who desired her felt utterly lost at their … Continue reading She was and is

Calm evening sea

Find a quiet spot, close your eyes... enjoy!  Sharing Andrea Bocelli's moving song - the music says so much even without my understanding the Italian lyrics.  Then I found an English translation of the lyrics (or so I believe 🙂 ) I do not know what fidelity is, the reason for my song which cannot … Continue reading Calm evening sea

Science and romantic love

Neuroscience have charted the effects of romantic love on our brain - and surprise, surprise - the results show romantic love triggers our reptilian brain and another part of our brain, the one measuring gains and losses. For those of you who don't already know or guess, I am a nerd (self-confess and I own … Continue reading Science and romantic love