I lay to rest #writephoto


So it is
I lay to rest
amidst the green and
nature’s arms,
to reignite the love
once had but now
dimmed in concrete
jungle of greed and
despair, temporary
haven from the cries
of need and wants;
I now lay weary
to the call of peace
and my heart’s grace.
~ FlorenceT


This is a response to this photo prompt at Sue Vincent’s Daily Echo:


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Come away from the din


‘Come away from the din. Come away to the quiet fields, over which the great sky stretches, and where, between us, and the stars, there lies but silence; and there, in the stillness let us listen to the voice that is speaking within us.’               Jerome K Jerome


Today, I choose to leave… to come away from the din.  Away from the hurtful conflicts, the competing noises, the draining demands, the lingering doubts.  

And here in the silence…the stillness…I listen to the voice within saying, 




Will you stay and rest?

In stillness,
– FlorenceT