Living life, Reflection, The Self

Reading is dangerous

He said, "reading is a dangerous thing". And I agree. He being the owner at a quaint bookstore I decided to venture in on a whim. The store can be characterised as local yet it has been years since I had been inside. Filled with predominantly pre-loved books of different genres and wide topics. I… Continue reading Reading is dangerous

Living life, Reflection, The Self

Book journey

The books on my shelf tell a story. They tell a story of me. I believe we are drawn to certain books for a reason. And the preference changes over time. Our collection of books tell of who we were, who we are and perhaps who we would like to be. They indicate our desires… Continue reading Book journey


This world of mine…

Postaday - Now? Later! Procrastination destination... well, it'll have to be 'destinations', plural.  Where wouldn't I go to avoid doing something?! The most common one is into my books.  Now there are two 'types' of procrastination here - the first is the mundane, hard to justify ones like, dare I say it, reading romance novels. … Continue reading This world of mine…