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The Plight of Solitude

I often do things alone. I tell everyone who asked ‘why’ that I love my own company, and I do. I enjoy the freedom of ‘not minding’ and ‘not caring’ of another. I enjoy the opportunity for introspection and contemplation, as if I don’t do it enough. Why? These statements are simple enough, yet behind… Continue reading The Plight of Solitude

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Who you are

This is my second post in the Three Day Quote Challenge (for which I was nominated by Greg of Potholes in the Road of Life).   So, do you agree with this quote attributed to the author of 'The Little Prince'? Not the Truth, yet there is a truth to this quote or so I… Continue reading Who you are

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Talking dirty (A) Ageing

Talking dirty? To put this in context, see the first post in this series of how this began. Ageing... well, I can't choose so here are two amazing quotes... do you wonder why the book from which these quotes were extracted is titled "Talking Dirty"? Not exactly controversial, is it...?   The age of a… Continue reading Talking dirty (A) Ageing