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Good friends or BFF?

Postaday - On Bees and Efs I have friends or good friends, but never a BFF  - at least not one that resides solely in one person.  In fact it is difficult for me to imagine any one person who could embody all aspects of what a 'friend' is, through the ages, through the moments… Continue reading Good friends or BFF?

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Me, Myself and I

Postaday - Can't Stand Me Can't stand me... never been there. I'd like to say that I am totally confident and have no body image issue but that would be a lie.  It would also be a lie for me to say that I love my face, my body, my voice... absolutely.  But I have,… Continue reading Me, Myself and I

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Picture in my mind

Postaday - Frame of Mind A willowy woman of small stature sitting atop a mountain with a straight back, her legs crossed and her hands resting on her knee, palms up.  Dressed in black yoga pants and a white mid-riff top, her long jet black hair is being blown by the gentle breeze, not too… Continue reading Picture in my mind

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Birthday for an introvert

Postaday - It's your Party Birthday is a time for reflection.  An introvert like moi would like to spend most of that day alone.  Except for the morning ritual when my family showers me with gifts and breakfast in bed, those moments I savour.  The likelihood of intimate dinner with close family members may be… Continue reading Birthday for an introvert


Wrong turn into a magical place

Postaday - Wrong Turns   The last time I got lost, I ended up in a a magical place.  Magical but no less threatening.  The people I encountered were highly intelligent - totally comfortable discussing the merits of poetry to the latest scientific invention to astronomical  studies. There was an essence about them, their interactions… Continue reading Wrong turn into a magical place

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Martial arts and fear

Postaday - Back of the Queue Martial arts - that's what I have always wanted to do, or specifically, Ju-Jitsu.  Why? Probably the association with self-protection, strength and for a young girl to be that - I got such a mental kick out of it.  The feminist 'me' also reveled in the fantasy. So I… Continue reading Martial arts and fear