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Get through or Let go?

  Last week I wrote a post about ‘going through it’ – that life throws lessons at us, lessons we can’t avoid or ignore. In order to grow as a person, we do need to see the lessons that present themselves (yes, there will be many, great and small) and learn. I ought to clarify.… Continue reading Get through or Let go?

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We got to go through it

We can’t go over it We can’t go under it Oh no, we got to go through it! Excerpt from ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’ Today, I am acutely aware this is how we sometimes must approach life. “We’re going on a bear hunt” is one of my favourite children’s books. Our copy is… Continue reading We got to go through it

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Hold on

'Hold on' is perhaps a mantra for the weary, who are ready to lay down and let whatever it is wash over them, when it seems there is nothing left inside to rally.  This, I'd imagine, is a slow and painful death of the soul and spirit. And we have been there, have we not,… Continue reading Hold on