Capricious #Haiku Challenge 157 @RonovanWrites


RonovanWrites Haiku Challenge 157 with prompt words – Amuse, Irate

 capricious antics
irate I cease to be, so
amused I look on.
~ FlorenceT


And here’s a song to go with the haiku 😉 :




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Lost #Haiku Challenge 145 @RonovanWrites


RonovanWrites Haiku Challenge 145 with prompt words – Beautiful, Curse

She railed, offensive,
Her beautiful charms lost, time
is no friend to her
~ FlorenceT



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Shades lighter #Haiku Challenge 135 @RonovanWrites


What can I say except “it was unimpressive”.

I know it is not meant to be an award winning movie, rather entertainment with a profit-making purpose (as with any movie made).

It stayed with the central theme of the book, the romance and complex relationship between an apparent young entrepreneur with a dark side and an innocent naïve young woman seeking to maintain her independence.



What struck me about this sequel “Fifty Shades Darker” is the moderation of the dominating character of Christian Grey. He has lost his edge and the ‘darkness’ that consumed him. There went the ‘bad boy’. Darker? I think not. Perhaps the film-maker had heeded the outcry that followed the first movie “Fifty Shades of Grey” – that it promoted the physical domination and subjugation of a woman for a man’s pleasure, that it was alright for Ana to be abused – and thus toned it down.

So now we have the tortured soul that is Christian Grey, a man wanting to please, to change in order keep his love; a proud man who would fall on his knees begging for her to stay. As Christian said, he is not a dom, rather a sadist taking pleasure in the pain of others, a trait he would willingly forgo for Ana. And he did. Ah, okay. Love is powerful, it conquers all. Fairytale? You bet, and not a convincing one.

It was more explicit than the first movie in its sexual portrayals though I dare say, not erotic. Somehow the sexual tension is lost, the chemistry between Christian and Ana is lacking. Vanilla.

This movie tries to please, but I am uncertain which audience. It turned out to be neither romance nor erotic and least of all, suspense. Yes, it was painful and not in that way 😉

What is intended to be intense erotic content felt voyeuristic and icky. Here is IMDB’s list of best sensually romantic erotic movies – call it research if you must.

By the way, I did enjoy an evening of movie and drinks with “the girls”, having a laugh. Thank goodness for great company, which more than made up for the lacklustre movie.

And now a haiku, for RonovanWritesHaiku Challenge 135 which can serve as an ode to Christian 🙂



~ FlorenceT


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Pleasures #Haiku Challenge 134 @RonovanWrites


RonovanWrites Haiku Challenge 134 with prompt words – Blow, Please


As you please, I will

Bow before the pleasures felt

Till fear blows away.

~ FlorenceT

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#Haiku Challenge 96 @RonovanWrites



It seems such a long while since I wrote a haiku. So with this small window of (time) opportunity, here is my contribution to  RonovanWrites Haiku Challenge 96 with prompt words – Lighting, Rain.


Quick as lightning strikes

He was gone, never returned,

Rain never did stop.

– FlorenceT


Feature image ‘Tears and rain‘ by giulz89


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Living conscious – Are you there yet?



Conscious being, some of us are and at some of the time.

When a certain insight hits us, those ‘a-ha’ moments (no, I don’t mean the Norwegian pop group), when our attention is focused on another for his or her sake, when we are attuned to our impact on the world around us. Been here?

For some of us, these instances are not persistent or sustained.

Being conscious is a habit cultivated through practice.

It does not come easy. Yet we are too busy to be mindful, to take time with it.

Stephen Levine, meditation teacher, who had spent his life assisting people in ‘conscious dying’ passed on some ten days ago. This spiritual writer of books such as ‘Who Dies?’ and ‘Meeting on the Edge’ spoke of conscious dying as a process which begins with conscious living.

To live a conscious life, we have to take responsibility. Responsibility, not blame.

We need to live light. Let go of the ego need to be right, to come up triumphant…to dichotomize and polarize what is. We participate fully in our experience of living – with the joys as with the pain. But few want to experience pain – our rational minds build fortresses to protect us from them and we assemble weapons to defend ourselves. Ah, the war metaphor… but it’s true, is it not?

To live consciously is to acknowledge pain in our lives.

To accept it but not as a tool for self-pity. Pain is a universal experience – my pain hurts me because it is mine, your pain hurts you because it is yours. There is no greater or lesser pain – just the pain. Once my pain becomes the pain, it becomes a ‘thing’ which we can observe, and let go if we choose to. Yes, we have choice too.

Pain need not be suffering because suffering is choosing to be attached to the pain, to identify with the pain, to stay stuck with the pain. Conscious living is to accept the pain and know that it is one of many states we go through. Nothing more, nothing less. It too will pass.

A phrase I have heard in recent years is the term ‘conscious coupling’ and in more recent times, ‘conscious uncoupling’. Perhaps I am more ‘qualified’ to speak of conscious uncoupling. Many therapist have stated conscious uncoupling invariably finds its source in unconscious coupling, where two beings got together for gratification of their unconscious minds. Examples? Partnering a thrill-seeker who is ‘exciting’ mistaking it for courage and strength, being with an intelligent person who ‘understands’ mistaking it for wisdom and compassion, determining not to marry someone like our fathers or mothers… Familiar?

Partnering, or coupling, is but a state in our journey of life. I have a responsibility to the conscious uncoupling, not for it. There is no one to blame, only to accept it is part of life’s journey. The once partner will remain a figure in your past, a catalyst for your growth (I hope). Whether your coupling lasts 1 or 10 or 50 years, it runs its course as life unfolds. No blame, no regret, no suffering. And in this space, the possibility is open for this human being to be a part of your present, which is quite significant when there are young children. And there are also instances when it is imperative for the conscious uncoupling to result in a strict separation, a ‘never to see the other again’ state. There are indeed many ways of being in a conscious uncoupling. It is personal. I have learnt that it only takes one to consciously uncouple to make a difference.

To live consciously is to watch joy and pain as transitory states; which like a river flows through the landscape of our life.

Are you conscious? Practising?

– FlorenceT

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