The Crone and I

“All futures are tinted by the way in which you choose to view them.” Cat Hellisen 'Mother, Crone, Maiden'   What image pops into your head when you hear the word ‘crone’? What characteristics do you associate with this female archetype? Does she remind you of the 3 witches in ‘Macbeth’, ‘fire burn and cauldron … Continue reading The Crone and I


Apocalyptic movie or documentary?

The promise of a movie night, with a simple dinner and a little sugar-filled treat we had bought for later. All seemed in place. She picked an apocalyptic movie – humanity’s only survivors from a climate disaster on a train to nowhere under the control of the greedy in power. Twenty minutes in and I’d … Continue reading Apocalyptic movie or documentary?

Who is the beloved?

I  come here, as I often do, to fill my senses and to absorb the peace that characterizes this little nook.  There is always something to appreciate, and I use this word as it is defined, "to recognize the full worth of", here. I sit on the one weather-worn bench and just be - the … Continue reading Who is the beloved?