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This may read like I am promoting this; in some ways, I am (though unpaid) because I thoroughly enjoyed these books and am so looking forward to their film adaptations. First, "The Children Act" starring Emma Thompson and Stanley Tucci. Here is my review of the book by Ian McEwan which posed many hard questions.… Continue reading Adaptations of books

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Ocean’s 8, any good?

Ocean’s 8. It wasn’t an awesome (as in the “epic” sense) movie. It was fun and I enjoyed it. And here’s why. First, what it does not have. There was no exaggerated aggression nor obscenity. There was no gratuitous sex or violence, and so no cringe-worthy scenes and therefore appropriate for my teenage daughter and… Continue reading Ocean’s 8, any good?

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Murder on the Orient Express – review

Somewhat cynical, I went to see the remake of "Murder on the Orient Express" adapted from Agatha Christie's book of the same name. I grew up with Agatha Christie, her books a respite for a child filled with curiosity and desire to problem-solve. Not surprisingly then that law became a first career. Kenneth Branagh, a… Continue reading Murder on the Orient Express – review

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Shades lighter #Haiku Challenge 135 @RonovanWrites

What can I say except “it was unimpressive”. I know it is not meant to be an award winning movie, rather entertainment with a profit-making purpose (as with any movie made). It stayed with the central theme of the book, the romance and complex relationship between an apparent young entrepreneur with a dark side and… Continue reading Shades lighter #Haiku Challenge 135 @RonovanWrites