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Feeding is not nourishing…

  Busy-ness and stress are no strangers in my life. I am adept at managing it all. To replenish my energy, I meditated, slept the requisite 6 hours, ate nutritious food, made lists and check them off – everything to ensure daily life ticks over as it should. Well, I probably could have gotten more… Continue reading Feeding is not nourishing…

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Halfway there – an update

It's the halfway point for Mindful in May. May which seasonally is autumn here in Australia. I have meditated daily for 2 weeks now - honoring a commitment I made. Well, a good cause motivates. Also having told the world about it, well, this lady's got pride! 🙂 So far so good, and loving it.… Continue reading Halfway there – an update

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A mindful journey

Change is inevitable in life, and I have written much about this here. Some of us react to change in a maladaptive manner that can be injurious to self, some respond with equanimity and acceptance, and many of us do a bit of both. We are after all human, and a little flawed :-). And… Continue reading A mindful journey

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World Mental Health Day

10th October - World Mental Health what can you and I, and we as a community, do? 1. Put out a message of love and hope in blogosphere, Twitter, Facebook, ... you get the idea 🙂 ; 2. Send a message of support and encouragement to a friend, to a beloved, to one in need;… Continue reading World Mental Health Day

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R U Ok? Ask & Listen

R U Ok? Today, 11 September, is "R U OK?" Day in Australia.  It is a call for each of us to start a conversation in support of mental health, particularly to reduce the incidence of suicide.  Connection and belonging are important factors to our mental health, in our being in the world.  Conversations are… Continue reading R U Ok? Ask & Listen