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A feminist – He & She

Gender stereotypes affect both women and men. How?  Watch this enlightening video of Harry Potter girl's (Emma Watson) speech at the United Nations for UN Women.     So men, join women in supporting feminism.   Be a feminist - who, by definition, is a person who believes and supports women and men to have equal economic,… Continue reading A feminist – He & She

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Catch me when I fall

All of us desire and long to know we are connected to someone or something meaningful and valuable to us, no matter what gender we are. One of those connections may be with our beloved.   And within this connection, there is the feeling of "I would like someone to take care of me" - at… Continue reading Catch me when I fall


Setting the record straight

Given that Ronovan’s post, "10 Things Men Think Women Think They MUST Know About Men” arose from a challenge of mine, I thought it best to briefly set the record straight. So for a bit of fun (and perhaps some ‘truths’?), and substantially speaking for self (so grrlfriends, please pardon the appearance of my speaking… Continue reading Setting the record straight