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Loving as art

So I've been thinking... (it's a dangerous thing 🙂 ) That loving is an art. It is a form of doing and not a science. And how does one approach this art? To excel in art, we begin with the acquiring of knowledge (ie. know-how) then we practice it such that it becomes second nature… Continue reading Loving as art

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Test of love

Love is love is love, so it is said. Love is a feeling I hope we experience throughout our life for people who come into and out of our life, people who are forever tied to us through their presence or our memory of them, and places that leave indelible impressions in our life. Love… Continue reading Test of love

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I breathe

  And so I breathe Deeply This breathe of life Watching it flow through me Across the memories Like a balm Soothing This flesh trembling In the aftermath Of fire scorching Ripping through veins Bloodied wounds Seldom seen And so I breathe Deeply For momentary comfort - FlorenceT [Edited: Image included 1 Nov 2016] ©… Continue reading I breathe

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The room within

Connecting three dots... so bear with me. 1. Late last night, a friend thought I might enjoy Sue Vincent's writing prompt revolving around this less than 100 words. At the time I was inspired to write of a cosy space, filled with what I love... books.  But it was late then... 2. But this… Continue reading The room within

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Rumi on Valentine’s Day

Rumi on love, life and living: In your light I learn how to love In your beauty, how to make poems. You dance inside my chest, where no ones sees you, but sometimes I do, and that sight becomes this art. ~~~~~~~~~~ When I am with you, we stay up all night. When you're not… Continue reading Rumi on Valentine’s Day

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As a new year begins…

This poem, by WB Yeats published in 1899, expresses a desire to demonstrate our love with material things, when all we could proffer to ones we love is our dreams. It speaks of love's vulnerability. How often unconsicously we trampled on dreams - when we smile vacantly at a young girl's declaration that she wants… Continue reading As a new year begins…