Ambivalence… and music


There are days when only music will serve, and today’s one of them. Someone very dear to me told me I think too much so today, I choose not to ask about the ‘what’ and ‘why’.

How amazing is the human psyche… our unconscious mind always communicating if only we would listen. Ambivalent day filled with ambivalent(?) songs…?



~ FlorenceT





Stole the show


I am a mother, and thus by popular narrative, I am ‘daggy’, ‘old-fashioned’ and not cool according to my children. They love me lots but I am ‘old’.  This naturally translates to the music I listen to, as being ‘not trendy’.

Lucky for me, they attempt to educate me on what ‘good’ music is, and as any ‘good’ mother would do (saying this tongue in cheek!), I listen, I learn and I allow myself the space to embrace (or try to embrace) the music from their perspectives.

As Khalil Gibran in his poem “On Children” stated,

You may strive to be like them,
but seek not to make them like you.
For life goes not backward nor tarries with yesterday.

I can never be them nor they me, but I can certainly walk with them on their journey, if for nothing else but curiosity.  Both children have worked out what my musical ‘taste’ is – or I should probably say, what my ears are attuned to. They introduce their music to me, every so often testing the limits of my endurance :-).

As I open myself to different experiences, they show me a world I would not have encountered on my own. I am also being privileged with beautiful music I am likely not to chance upon on my own.

One such song is ‘Stole the Show’ by Kygo, a Norwegian music producer, in his collaboration with Parson James. This song made its debut in Coachella 2015 and was quite a hit.

I love this song – for its rhythm, melody and lyrics. What a metaphor for the end of a relationship!

I hope you enjoy!


Darling, darling, oh, turn the lights back on now
Watching, watching, as the credits all roll down
Crying, crying, you know we’re playing to a full house, house

No heroes, villains, one to blame
While wilted roses filled the stage
And the thrill, the thrill is gone
Our debut was a masterpiece
But in the end for you and me
Oh, the show, it can’t go on

We used to have it all, but now’s our curtain call
So hold for the applause, oh
And wave out to the crowd, and take our final bow
Oh, it’s our time to go, but at least we stole the show
At least we stole the show
At least we stole the show
At least we stole the show
At least we stole the show

At least we stole the show

Darling, darling, you know that we are sold out
This is fading, but the band plays on now
We’re crying, crying, so let the velvet roll down, down


– FlorenceT


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