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You say #Haiku 217

words spewed reckless, like acid rain tormenting, past poison to the soul. ~ FlorenceT This haiku is a contribution to Ronovan's Haiku Challenge #217. This week's prompt words are poison and past. If you are interested in participating, go to RonovanWrites and check out his weekly challenge published every Monday - it comes with "how-to" if you are… Continue reading You say #Haiku 217

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I cried for you

  Is it a good time to tell this story? I cried for you I was angry and I cried for you No, no longer crying What is anger after all but a disguise for The hurt of loving you, Yes, I hurt for you But I never had you, have I? You and I,… Continue reading I cried for you

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Those moments…

Those moments When you feel you can’t go on When hopes have disappeared When dreams have all but shattered When it seems there is no one here, Those moments When the skies seem eternally grey When tears won’t stop flowing When love is distant fleeting When all you want is escape, Those moments When your… Continue reading Those moments…