Answers #Haiku 237

Beyond words, I turn to the future; no reply. "Love me?" you had asked. ~ FlorenceT   Here's a positive one? 🙂 Just a nod - I do envision a beaut future, Your question, answered. ~ FlorenceT This haiku is a contribution to Ronovan's Haiku Challenge #237. This week's prompt words are answer and question. If you are … Continue reading Answers #Haiku 237


Brokenness #Haiku Challenge 176 @RonovanWrites

RonovanWrites Haiku Challenge 176 with prompt words - Broken, Over   I must have time on my hands, or that these two words resonate... so here's three haikus from me... and there's more! When the world's shattered, as thunder roars and storms rage, Renew, start over. Broken spirit howls Enough, it's over; let me rest this … Continue reading Brokenness #Haiku Challenge 176 @RonovanWrites

There is peace here

There are moments when one is at peace driving along a busy road where sound is not noise where society is a welcome sight a reminder that life is simple. Saw a man sitting on a bench on a train platform teeming with life He had headphones on and a book to read cocooned within … Continue reading There is peace here

To say goodbyes

To say goodbyes I learned to say goodbyes quick and short with a cheery countenance, Refusing to dwell in the heartbreaks each farewell always bring. I learned to hope, to dream anticipate bright futures coming true, Bracing a little, watchful believing love will conquer much. I learned to sleep alone warm and safe my imagination … Continue reading To say goodbyes

A new dawn #writephoto

In response to this photo prompt at Sue Vincent's Daily Echo:   Here is my contribution: Insignificance this human life - atop a mountain heralding victory then the looming chill of the shadow of the next, but look to the sun though casting shadows its rays of warmth always following; The indomitable human spirit - at … Continue reading A new dawn #writephoto

I hope, but I don’t think so?

Hope gets me up in the morning. The forecast may be rain and the sky looks gloomy, yet I move on with the day, with a sense that it’s okay and it’ll be alright. ‘It’ encompasses much - relationships with loved ones and friends, personal and professional lives, the present and the future. Hope keeps … Continue reading I hope, but I don’t think so?

Hold… onto my hands

Hold onto my hands, dear I will not let you falter And should you need a rest Among the eucalypt trees Let us take in the scene Of beauty and breathe Hold onto my hands, dear You will never be alone There will be thoughts and wishes To keep you company Love and care to … Continue reading Hold… onto my hands