Food bliss

A quiet Saturday and she, feeling a little under the weather, picked this episode to watch on Netflix.  Once again, I am grateful to be given this moment to catch another glimpse into the beautiful soul of this young woman. I was keeping her company, something I know she values much when comfort is needed. … Continue reading Food bliss


I re-read "Eat, Pray, Love" following a conversation with a girlfriend. This Elizabeth Gilbert memoir swept the world, well the Western world, by storm in 2006 when it was published. I read it then, was rather nonplussed, and shelved the book in my collection. I had no idea why I was compelled to re-read it … Continue reading Eat.

Contemplating cooking…

I have been doing quite a bit of cooking lately. Not much of a revelation unless you know me well. You will know my self-value is not tied to how well I keep house involving cleaning or cooking – I was brought up to place significance and priority on my intellect and academics. Perhaps I … Continue reading Contemplating cooking…

Day 10 Happy Occasion & 火锅

You know, the meal reminds me of family, the good and the bad, and connection. I’m a bit of an introvert, you know that, so these family gatherings were a pain in the butt… especially as a child and was expected to be seen but not heard. The expectation to behave, hah! But the shared … Continue reading Day 10 Happy Occasion & 火锅