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Shades lighter #Haiku Challenge 135 @RonovanWrites

What can I say except “it was unimpressive”. I know it is not meant to be an award winning movie, rather entertainment with a profit-making purpose (as with any movie made). It stayed with the central theme of the book, the romance and complex relationship between an apparent young entrepreneur with a dark side and… Continue reading Shades lighter #Haiku Challenge 135 @RonovanWrites

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Darker, by fifty shades?

The text message read (in part): “Ok who’s keen? Note it is next week!!!!.... We will follow this with a debriefing over drinks…” I replied ‘me’ and why not? I am honestly curious as to how it will be. On a social side, how could I refuse the opportunity to catch up with a few… Continue reading Darker, by fifty shades?