Once a mother…

“One day someone calls her “Mother”. That is what she remains for the rest of her life.” Cao XueQin What a profound quote. And one which is open to many interpretations. What does it mean to you? You women who are mothers, and who are not? Men who have known Mothers in your life?  What... Continue Reading →


RonovanWrites Weekly Haiku Prompt Challenge #35 - Miss, Past     Miss, ever wondered Why your words don't matter much That's all in  the past? - FlorenceT     © 2015 Copyright reserved. The author asserts her moral and legal rights over this work.

Something Wicked This Way Comes: Witches and Modern Women

Words can no longer hurt, if we re-claim them for ourselves – crone, witch…

The Geek Anthropologist

Two weeks ago, I published a piece on modern monsters and their meanings within contemporary pop culture. Though I dug through the remains of zombies, vampires and kaiju, I intentionally avoided analysis of witches—I wanted to devote an entire piece that would provide me with the space to unpack the cultural resurgence of witches this year. I’m not talking about Hogwarts students—I’m talking toil and trouble, dances with the Devil in the pale moonlight, bad bitches hex magic witches. American Horror Story’s third season, Coven (2013-2014), conjured up a cast of New Orleans witches grappling to manifest the Seven Wonders and subsequently catapulted witches into the pop culture limelight yet again. While I have argued that zombies and vampires speak to concerns about climate change, capitalism and germ warfare, these witches serve a very different cultural purpose. With new shows like Salem (2014) and Witches of East End (2013-) on…

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