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I exist…

One must not only exist, one must be alive; live life to the fullest... And so they say. The narrative of striving and being more is around us, yet interpreted at times as an accumulation of status, power and material wealth. Am I existing if I have the love of friends and family? Am I… Continue reading I exist…

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We should know by now

Existential crisis... or what?! A 2014 song by Passenger titled 'Whispers'; and the lyrics - well, I know a few people to whom they will resonate. And I have been there a few times, except the getting drunk bit 🙂 Michael David Rosenberg's soulful voice is worth a listen. Enjoy! Well I've got open eyes… Continue reading We should know by now


To my darling . . .

Heart-felt sentiments… dare you to read and not have a tear or two… 🙂 LOVE IS. Enjoy!


To my darling . . .

It has been moments since we said ‘until next time’, as ‘goodbye’ is not a word we share. I already feel infinitely smaller with your absence. A many layered ghost of ice surrounds me and my universe as I think of you as you are so far away even after only short seconds of time have passed. I feel as though I am floating in a nothingness  I cannot touch or feel but cannot escape.

My thoughts are already swirling in confusion of images and feelings and wishes. One on top of the other on top of the other and repeating until there is no semblance of one cohesive thought. I must breathe. I close my eyes and squeeze them with all my strength to grab hold of just one wish, one feeling, one image to settle this loss inside.

I know there is…

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