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It's been awhile since I posted a poem (other than haikus)... a kiss hello, another for goodbye, though brief holding hands, sipping sweet tea, sweet words whispers of care, a smile… those little things. ~ FlorenceT © 2019 FlorenceT Copyright reserved. The author asserts her moral and legal rights over this work.

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In a dream…

Living conscious… to not just know in our intellectual mind, but also to attune to our emotional and somatic experience.  It is to pay attention to the happenings of our physical, emotional and spiritual spaces. And I am reminded of this very recently. I rarely dream, or should I say, I am rarely aware of… Continue reading In a dream…


Gift of Randomness and Rhyme.

The cat went to the hat and spelt out scat, but the hat spoke back and now is on the attack. When the cat ran by with the hat flying high, the spoon hid in the cradle so timed, so shy. The little boy blue gave chase of the cat, but became enthralled by the… Continue reading Gift of Randomness and Rhyme.