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Music Taste

I have been listening to music and watching a lot of music videos lately, more so than usual. The wonder(?) of AI on social media platform meant I was recommended more music of the genres that I liked. And as I kept following those recommendations, more of the same would arrive. I “discovered” artists I… Continue reading Music Taste

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Love is love

Love is love, don't you think? Does it matter the occupation, the socio-economic background, the gender, the race, the culture, the nationality, the age, the abilities... We love because we do, and we are loved just because. Some have a tendency to overthink, to intellectualize what is deeply emotional.  I wrote about labels we in… Continue reading Love is love

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Labels, whatever…love is love

For as long as I can remember, I have had a certain resentment to labels. It feels as if for every label I accept or acknowledge, I lose a bit of myself – choice and freedom readily comes to mind - and I find myself bound tighter. While there is a certain security in these… Continue reading Labels, whatever…love is love