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RonovanWrites Haiku Challenge 100 with prompt words – Top, Light

Haiku Top Light

Atop the choc mount

Alluring taste of sweetness

Brings enlightenment.

~ FlorenceT


Congratulations Ronovan, on hitting a century! This is the 100th haiku prompt challenge on RonovanWrites.

Background image is ‘La Belle Romaine’ by Amedeo Modigliani. Don’t you love the shape of real women…?


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These simple words



These Simple Words

‘Love you’
Oft used words
Delivered with ease
Across the skies
Laden with emotions
  Teeming with hopes
Longed for dreams.

‘Love you’
Speaks their truths
But not enough
Never enough to convince
To convey the depths
Of desire and yearning
Reaching across to you.

‘Love you’
  Gently proffered
Vessel of tender wishes
Makes its way to you
A promise of forever
  A call for assurance
Of love’s true path.

‘Love you’
What more to be said
Of the alone heart
In search of itself
Beyond the seas, intimate
Claiming a purity
Seeking its truth.

‘Love you’
Hold them lightly
These simple words
They contain my heart
My soul’s longing
For you and I

– FlorenceT

© 2015 Copyright reserved. The author asserts her moral and legal rights over this work. 

This is home


A guest poem – ‘This is Home’ – on Eye Will Not Cry. Enjoy!


Eyewillnotcry1973’s invitation was a surprise, and humbling and daunting, given how well he writes. 

Well I try, and here is the result…

This is home

Unsure of her reception
Despite an invitation
She steps across the threshold
Into her fantasy
And she waits.

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Thanks again Eyewillnotcry1973 for your invitation, and a fitting image for the poem…?  🙂

It has been fun.  And to quote Eyewillnotcry1973 “your interpretation of my words, is of course yours“.

And those who do not know Eyewillnotcry1973 and his words, visit Eye Will Not Cryand you’ll be mesmerized.


– FlorenceT

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