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Today #Haiku 230

Well I'm back after a short holiday (and hiatus from blogging) and noticing 2018 is nearly done. Years seem to roll by, and I think there will be a few intentions being set for the coming year.  But not just yet. In the meantime, my haiku/senryu for this week. All of us exist. Yet who… Continue reading Today #Haiku 230

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Resolution #Haiku 226

A resolution To past questions, to engage A conversation. ~ FlorenceT   This haiku is a contribution to Ronovan's Haiku Challenge #226. This week's prompt words are question and resolve. If you are interested in participating, go to RonovanWrites and check out his weekly challenge published every Monday - it comes with "how-to" if you are new to… Continue reading Resolution #Haiku 226

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A true conversation

Conversation… what's it about? I have encountered ‘conversations’ a lot these past few days, and in many different contexts. The conversation I promised another, when time permits for the both of us. The conversation I had with another which distilled much and created space for more imaginings. The conversations which signaled change and endings and… Continue reading A true conversation

Regency couple
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Say what?! I beg your pardon.

I read historical romance novels, whether they are considered classics like 'Pride and Prejudice', or contemporary offerings of historical romance from authors like Stephanie Laurens, Sabrina Jefferies, Anne Gracie or Sarah MacLean. What caught my initial attention to historical romance was the dialogue ... the old-fashioned conversations where civility rules, with negligible swearing and yet… Continue reading Say what?! I beg your pardon.