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Sorrow #Haiku 207

I came across a tweet by the Human Rights Law Centre of its recent statement to the UN Human Rights Council regarding Australia's indefinite detention of refugee children on Nauru. Here is the link. My country isn't the only country perpetrating this, is it? This led to my haiku. Innocent children Humans without choice, not… Continue reading Sorrow #Haiku 207

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Little one – a poem

Hey little one I know it hurts Though you smile Shrugging away anger Disappointment’s guise Hey little one I wish he’s more Do not hide Feel it and rage, my dear Let your pain flow out Hey little one I feel its hold Real shadow Leaves you cold, please my dear Let it strengthens not… Continue reading Little one – a poem

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Growing up

I am imbued with a sense of excitement – for you as you go into the world. Beyond adventure and travel, this is symbolic of the independence, the adulthood you are embarking upon. Because I have lived longer years and seen more things that could go wrong than you, I am feeling far less invincible… Continue reading Growing up

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Stole the show

I am a mother, and thus by popular narrative, I am 'daggy', 'old-fashioned' and not cool according to my children. They love me lots but I am 'old'.  This naturally translates to the music I listen to, as being 'not trendy'. Lucky for me, they attempt to educate me on what 'good' music is, and as… Continue reading Stole the show

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Do you know an Anthem Writer of the Next Generation?

Songwriting is an incredibly satisfying process. If you think about it, if you write songs, you are being inspired by people like Beethoven. Beethoven has an impact on today’s music unlike how you might suspect. If you trace back through time the artist you are being inspired by now, you will eventually get back to… Continue reading Do you know an Anthem Writer of the Next Generation?

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Soul and spirit of living

He calmly replied, “Being human is hard enough.” He was 6, and it was a response to my (I’m now embarrassed to admit) innocuous question, “what do you want to be when you grow up?” More so, I was ashamed of not seeing the truly beautiful human being that he is and the innate wisdom… Continue reading Soul and spirit of living