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One Lovely Blog Award

Thank you, Michelle, for the nomination I did say I would get to it... so here I am albeit 4 months later :-). Here are 7 facts about me, not already known from elsewhere on here.  I am a romantic. There, I said it.  Much as I'd like to deny it, a review of my… Continue reading One Lovely Blog Award

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Putting ‘me’ in writing

As everyone journeys each day through their lives, it does not surprise me that perhaps no one noticed my lack of writing (except for poetry) of late, except moi. But of course. Perhaps one day I will write about the reasons why but this article is not about the whys but the process itself -… Continue reading Putting ‘me’ in writing


Blogging for Therapy Will Bring Success. by Guest @RonovanWrites

Communication. A great word with different meanings. One meaning I use in blog language is relaying of my thoughts to the page and to the reader. I communicate my meaning. In most cases there my responsibility, if I ever had one, ends. It's a blog. I share my thoughts. That's what a blog is. It's… Continue reading Blogging for Therapy Will Bring Success. by Guest @RonovanWrites

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The Owl is no more…

Yes, I've been 'outed'.  To be honest, Ronovan had my 'permission' to do so... nothing sinister there.  Don't know what I mean?  Go to RonovanWrites' article. Six months ago when I began blogging, I was adamant that in blogosphere, only my words need matter.  I am still of that mind insofar as my writing is… Continue reading The Owl is no more…