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One Lovely Blog Award

Thank you, Michelle, for the nomination I did say I would get to it... so here I am albeit 4 months later :-). Here are 7 facts about me, not already known from elsewhere on here.  I am a romantic. There, I said it.  Much as I'd like to deny it, a review of my… Continue reading One Lovely Blog Award

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Real people in blogosphere?!

This post is about connection and community, the one I have found here on blogosphere. It is a social experiment in hindsight, and these are my observations and purely subjective :-). But before I go there, some qualifications. I did not have any preconception of what or how a friend ought to be. I have… Continue reading Real people in blogosphere?!

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Sisterhood of the World

A humble 'thank you' to Colleen of Silver Threading for her generosity in nominating me for this award.  I figure Colleen has worked out my affinity to the Sisterhood beyond being born female. 🙂 As kindly requested by Colleen (while she gently breaks all the rules 🙂 ), here is a brief summary of myself. … Continue reading Sisterhood of the World

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Liebster Award

Thank you, Andy of The World of Andy Lawson for this nomination. Here are the rules (as usual *sigh*): Thank the person who nominated you for the award Display the banner/sticker/logo on your blog Answer the questions the award giver asked List 11 facts about yourself List your nominees Here goes nothing: If you could… Continue reading Liebster Award

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Very Inspiring Blogger award (2)

Thank you, Ronovan of ronovanwrites for the nomination. Following the rules:- Here are the rules for accepting the award: Thank and link to the amazing person who nominated you. List the rules and display the award. Share seven facts about yourself. Nominate 15 other amazing blogs and comment on their posts to let them know… Continue reading Very Inspiring Blogger award (2)

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Very Inspiring Blogger award

This is indeed meaningful to me... a 2-month old newbie in the world of blogging. Thank you Meredith for the nomination. I finally got round to 'accepting' this award so here goes. 11 facts about myself: 1. I have an insatiable need to speak my mind, so blogging is my way of not making a… Continue reading Very Inspiring Blogger award