Blogging Awards

Time for ‘thank you’

I am finally here to accept  writenlive of Read Write Live's Liebster Award.  Once again, thank you.  For a novice blogger, it is always gratifying :-). Now to get on with it...   Here are my answers to writenlive's questions: 1. What do you look like? My gravatar says it all. 2. Which is your… Continue reading Time for ‘thank you’

Blogging Awards

Very Inspiring Blogger award

Thank you Meredith for the nomination. I finally got round to 'accepting' this award so here goes. 11 Things about myself - see 'About Me' page. To answer your questions: 1. What 3 items would you want if you were marooned on a desert island? magic music player the keeps on playing magic book that… Continue reading Very Inspiring Blogger award