Home #Haiku 203

This haiku is a contribution to Ronovan's Haiku Challenge #203. This week's prompt words are home and free. If you are interested in participating, go to RonovanWrites and check out his weekly challenge published every Monday - it comes with "how-to" if you are new to writing haiku. Challenge yourself! 🙂   To the bosom you'll return, home … Continue reading Home #Haiku 203

Certainty, a poem

  As mind battles heart    for dominance its quest, Reason cannot defeat    the love residing within. ~ FlorenceT   Sometimes as words come to me, so does music.  Oddly, this song pops up as I am creating this post, so here it is - a sweet simple song. Enjoy!   © 2018 FlorenceT … Continue reading Certainty, a poem

The room within

Connecting three dots... so bear with me. 1. Late last night, a friend thought I might enjoy Sue Vincent's writing prompt revolving around this picture...in less than 100 words. At the time I was inspired to write of a cosy space, filled with what I love... books.  But it was late then... 2. But this … Continue reading The room within

Being loved & loving

In Chinese culture, the elegant crane symbolises longevity and wisdom.  Its white plumage as a sign of purity; its red cap a sign of vitality, red being the element of fire. I thought an image of the crane appropriate for a quote on Love - longevity, wisdom, purity and vitality.  Don't you? 🙂 - FlorenceT … Continue reading Being loved & loving