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Duo #Haiku 304

Two haiku with different feels... gentle drizzle, hurt refreshing rain, drenching storm pain, enduring flood. and a slight to my name I endure but it repeats, might just blow my top.   The haiku is a contribution to Ronovan's Haiku Challenge #304. This week's prompt words are might and slight.   If you are interested in participating,… Continue reading Duo #Haiku 304

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So mad, a decima poem

Time finally permits me to try my hand at a decima poem. Prompt word 'Mad' supplied by Ronovan Write's weekly challenge.   If only I wasn’t so mad, Perhaps I can see some real sense, Perhaps I can show gentle grace, And not make threats that seem so bad; But I am beyond care, and… Continue reading So mad, a decima poem

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Haiku Challenge 53 & Waiting for Love @RonovanWrites

RonovanWrites Haiku Challenge 53 with prompt words - Guide, Mad Haiku 1: For what is anger    Wasted energy, a fear    Leading not to love. Haiku 2:  May the stars shine bright   Leading your crazed heart homeward    Lost soul no longer. On a similar theme, here's a song from Swedish producer Avicii… Continue reading Haiku Challenge 53 & Waiting for Love @RonovanWrites