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Amo Soltanto Te

And on a different feel (from my previous post)... this beautiful heart-rousing song by Andrea Bocelli in collaboration with Ed Sheeran. Guess what I've been up to this weekend 😉 For those needing to know the meaning of this Italian song, here is the link to the English translation of the lyrics. ~FlorenceT  … Continue reading Amo Soltanto Te

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Calm evening sea

Find a quiet spot, close your eyes... enjoy!  Sharing Andrea Bocelli's moving song - the music says so much even without my understanding the Italian lyrics.  Then I found an English translation of the lyrics (or so I believe 🙂 ) I do not know what fidelity is, the reason for my song which cannot… Continue reading Calm evening sea

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Dare to live

Serendipity, laws of attraction, coincidence... I do not know which, but this song did pop up in a most unexpected way while I was reflecting on Ronovan's article in RonovanWrite's My Sunday Thoughts - For Others.  A worthwhile read, go check it out! So enjoy the beautiful piece of music (the lyrics are included below)… Continue reading Dare to live