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Defying age or custom?

I take delight in colouring my hair. This may be routine for some, nothing note-worthy for others. But I am wondering why it is delightful for me and the deeper meaning it holds. In my mindful moments, such as the three or more hours I sat at the hair salon while the hair-colourist and stylist… Continue reading Defying age or custom?

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Lessons by 50

This autumn - why am I growing old? bird disappearing among clouds. ~ Basho Matsuo An apt poem to begin this post - a reflection of sorts on 50 years of life.  But how to measure this time past? An impossibility - so many perspectives, paradigms. Where would I begin? So perhaps lessons I have… Continue reading Lessons by 50

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Time #Haiku 264

Five years of continuous weekly prompts - way to go, Ronovan! And here's my contribution this week.     In quiet repose, she watches time; her beauty evolves, autumn comes. ~ FlorenceT   The haiku is a contribution to Ronovan's Haiku Challenge #264. This week's prompt words are BEAUTY and QUIET. If you are interested in… Continue reading Time #Haiku 264

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The Crone and I

“All futures are tinted by the way in which you choose to view them.” Cat Hellisen 'Mother, Crone, Maiden'   What image pops into your head when you hear the word ‘crone’? What characteristics do you associate with this female archetype? Does she remind you of the 3 witches in ‘Macbeth’, ‘fire burn and cauldron… Continue reading The Crone and I

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Ageless beauty

Her life is written in the folds of her body, Her beauty manifests in the lines on her face; Her wisdom shines through the smile in her eyes; Her grace is felt in the comfort in her presence. - FlorenceT Who will say this of me when I reach a certain age?  Are these of… Continue reading Ageless beauty

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When you are old – Yeats

Yeats wrote this poem for his beloved... feel the Love. Tears well up my eyes each time I read this poem - perhaps it is a sign of my age 🙂 It speaks of or reminds one of a life lived, for the joys and the sorrows, for the love and the loss, and most… Continue reading When you are old – Yeats