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Soul and spirit of living

He calmly replied, “Being human is hard enough.” He was 6, and it was a response to my (I’m now embarrassed to admit) innocuous question, “what do you want to be when you grow up?” More so, I was ashamed of not seeing the truly beautiful human being that he is and the innate wisdom… Continue reading Soul and spirit of living

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Day 19 Confusion

Tears streaming down my face as I struggle with what to say, how to express the confusion in my mind, the clarity in my heart. How does one say ’I love you’ while unable to commit, how does one say ‘you mean the world to me’ when we’re in separate worlds, how does one say… Continue reading Day 19 Confusion

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Day 17 Fear and my personality

Fear…I am not sure I have one that can be categorized as such. In my mind, ‘fear’ is something that would keep me awake all night, unable to leave the house, unwilling to speak, and the like. Born into a middle-class family at a time of peace, I never knew what it meant to live… Continue reading Day 17 Fear and my personality

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Day 14 Letter to my father

Dan Wakefield (ed.) 'Kurt Vonnegut Letters', 2012, Ex Libris Vintage Books, London On page 29 – the word ‘father’ To my father, I do not know what you think of me and the life I lead, whether I have lived up to your expectations. Do I disappoint you? Those expectations I know of old, have… Continue reading Day 14 Letter to my father

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Day 12 Only human

The first time I heard it, I took an instant dislike for its message. The weakness demonstrated by the plea, the passive acceptance of her situation. Yet I could not get away from it…it stayed on my mind. So I wondered about its visceral effect. Then I kept encountering it, the words intruding. Coincidence? Perhaps.… Continue reading Day 12 Only human

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Day 11 Home

When I was twelve, home was a safe haven. It was a place where I was protected, cared for and my safety ensured. Within this 3-bedroom brick home of modest proportions, home was a relatively calm place of doing the usual stuff – education and learning for the children. Functional routine and discipline were in… Continue reading Day 11 Home

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Day 10 Happy Occasion & 火锅

You know, the meal reminds me of family, the good and the bad, and connection. I’m a bit of an introvert, you know that, so these family gatherings were a pain in the butt… especially as a child and was expected to be seen but not heard. The expectation to behave, hah! But the shared… Continue reading Day 10 Happy Occasion & 火锅

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Day 9 Point of view

The man It is over. I will miss him but life goes on. Janine... I don’t know what I can do. Her hands are so cold, but the sun’s out. We’ve been walking for 20 minutes and she had not said one word. When will she be better? I just want things to be back… Continue reading Day 9 Point of view

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Day 8 No adverbs

Hues of black and grey flash by as people race pass me in their rush to work. Heads bow, eyes not making contact, bodies pushing by. Legs clad in designer trousers, sheer stockings clumping by; feet in leather boots both male and female navigate their way through the puddles. The rain had been incessant, creating… Continue reading Day 8 No adverbs

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Day 7 A short dialogue

Contradictions “Romantic love is a myth,” Sarah exclaimed, staring at her friends as if challenging them to contradict her. “Oh, you and your ideas!” James said, rolling his eyes. “What?” Sarah shrugged her shoulders. “That’s ridiculous, what you just said,” James firmly stated. “No, it’s not, shall I tell you how romantic love first came… Continue reading Day 7 A short dialogue

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Day 6 Character building

The first things one notices when one first meets Myra is her cold hard stare and unrelenting pursuit of something better. Her deep penetrating eyes seem to see right through you, and find you lacking. Haughty, that’s what she seemed. I met Myra on the first day of class. She was standing by the window,… Continue reading Day 6 Character building

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Day 5 The letter

It must have fallen out of the bag…thank goodness I came across it and not another. How would I explain it? I knew I should have packed and carried it on my own. Seeing his handwriting, faded and familiar … still hurt, and yet I have kept every one of them. The memories of our… Continue reading Day 5 The letter

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Day 3 Three songs

‘Strong Enough’ by Cher was a song which featured in my life at a time when I needed it most. I guess it is no surprise listening to the lyrics that a man was involved and it did not end well. Now I'm strong enough to live without you Strong enough and I quit crying… Continue reading Day 3 Three songs

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Day 2 A Room with a View

There is no view beyond the walls of this imposing room. None that the eyes would find, as they are indeed riveted to the incandescent colours embedded in the dark grey stones holding up this structure. Hues of colours to accentuate the purpose of this room – to seek and find the One and the… Continue reading Day 2 A Room with a View