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@FTThum #BookReview ‘The Binding’ by Bridget Collins

My review of a riveting read, “The Binding” by Bridget Collins

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Title:      The Binding
Author:  Bridget Colllins
Publishers: Harper Collins Publishers Ltd
Format: Hardback (2019)
Pages:   448
Genre: Fiction, Thriller

What’s it about?

This fictitious tale by Bridget Collins mesmerizes from the start… and I *hated* every moment when I couldn’t get back to it, even as the rest of life called.

It is a tale of two characters whose lives intersect even though they come from different worlds, even when others conspire to keep them apart. It is heart-wrenching and sweet, and surprising. The depth and richness of each of the characters add to this magnificent story of redemption and the inevitability of destiny.

As writers, we write what we are capable of feeling – every sorrow, every gladness, fear and doubt. What if what we write is in fact another’s true story? What if they are stories given to us because they are unwanted and discarded?…

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Doting upon… a micro-story

She gives up. Teri had tossed and turned for what seems like hours. She swings her legs off the side of the bed and makes her way to the kitchen. A cup of tea might soothe her. Their earlier conversation swirls in her mind. Of course, he is now sleeping peacefully, oblivious to the thoughts… Continue reading Doting upon… a micro-story

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Sugar and Snails by Anne Goodwin #BookReview by @FTThum

My recent review of ‘Sugar and Snails’ on LitWorldInterviews

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Sugar and Snails

Title:                     Sugar and Snails
Author:                Anne Goodwin
Publishers:         Inspired Quill (23 July 2015)
Format:                Paperback
ISBN-10:               1908600470
ISBN-13:               978-1908600479
Twitter:                @annecdotist
Pages:                   342
Genre:                 Contemporary Fiction, LGBT

What’s it about?

This is a story of a woman’s journey of self-discovery.

I am introduced to Diana through the narrative of the life she’s lived, so far filled with insecurities and fears. The story begins in the present day with a confronting scene of Diana self-harming as a result of, so it seems, her partner leaving. The vivid description of her bringing a knife to her arm, after many years of abstinence, caused me to put the book down and almost not returning to it. But I did, because I wanted to know more.

What happened in Cairo? Why is it significant? What is she hiding? Why? What? How?…

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Picture in my mind

Postaday - Frame of Mind A willowy woman of small stature sitting atop a mountain with a straight back, her legs crossed and her hands resting on her knee, palms up.  Dressed in black yoga pants and a white mid-riff top, her long jet black hair is being blown by the gentle breeze, not too… Continue reading Picture in my mind

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Day 19 Confusion

Tears streaming down my face as I struggle with what to say, how to express the confusion in my mind, the clarity in my heart. How does one say ’I love you’ while unable to commit, how does one say ‘you mean the world to me’ when we’re in separate worlds, how does one say… Continue reading Day 19 Confusion

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Day 9 Point of view

The man It is over. I will miss him but life goes on. Janine... I don’t know what I can do. Her hands are so cold, but the sun’s out. We’ve been walking for 20 minutes and she had not said one word. When will she be better? I just want things to be back… Continue reading Day 9 Point of view

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Day 8 No adverbs

Hues of black and grey flash by as people race pass me in their rush to work. Heads bow, eyes not making contact, bodies pushing by. Legs clad in designer trousers, sheer stockings clumping by; feet in leather boots both male and female navigate their way through the puddles. The rain had been incessant, creating… Continue reading Day 8 No adverbs

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Day 7 A short dialogue

Contradictions “Romantic love is a myth,” Sarah exclaimed, staring at her friends as if challenging them to contradict her. “Oh, you and your ideas!” James said, rolling his eyes. “What?” Sarah shrugged her shoulders. “That’s ridiculous, what you just said,” James firmly stated. “No, it’s not, shall I tell you how romantic love first came… Continue reading Day 7 A short dialogue

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Day 6 Character building

The first things one notices when one first meets Myra is her cold hard stare and unrelenting pursuit of something better. Her deep penetrating eyes seem to see right through you, and find you lacking. Haughty, that’s what she seemed. I met Myra on the first day of class. She was standing by the window,… Continue reading Day 6 Character building

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Day 5 The letter

It must have fallen out of the bag…thank goodness I came across it and not another. How would I explain it? I knew I should have packed and carried it on my own. Seeing his handwriting, faded and familiar … still hurt, and yet I have kept every one of them. The memories of our… Continue reading Day 5 The letter