Gift of Randomness and Rhyme.

The cat went to the hat and spelt out scat, but the hat spoke back and now is on the attack. When the cat ran by with the hat flying high, the spoon hid in the cradle so timed, so shy. The little boy blue gave chase of the cat, but became enthralled by the … Continue reading Gift of Randomness and Rhyme.

New Strengths in New Friends.

Eleanor Roosevelt Quote on New Strengths

"With the new day comes new strengths and new thoughts."-Eleanor Roosevelt “The stress of life is the past carrying over into the present as well as the future pressing back onto today. Live in the now.” -Ronovan Hester (Your guest author for today.)   As a person of yesterdays and tomorrows colliding in the now, … Continue reading New Strengths in New Friends.

Drifting: in Love and Happiness.

Time drifts into a path of mayhem without a destination. Setting my course on the waters of peace and calm. I turn my fate toward that which holds my compass true. There is no turning back once truth has been found.   Does your life fear reality in all it's frayed tapestry? Do your hours … Continue reading Drifting: in Love and Happiness.

Finding Happiness.

Hello to all. Florence doesn't know I'm here right now so please...don't tell I came for a visit. "To love oneself is the beginning of a life-long romance."~Oscar Wilde I give a great deal of thought each day on achieving happiness. Actually thinking in great depth about something brings me happiness, so I guess I … Continue reading Finding Happiness.