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The opening lines to this Mandarin song are evocative, and therefore the song…stuck in my mind. I find myself humming them throughout the day.


~ “念风及你”

And as they simmer…

”Another day passes”
a statement of life
of daily arriving and leaving,
another burgeoning moment
of an aloneness,
another certain day
of human experiencing,
another season
of change, renewal.
“Missing yet again”
a melancholic solitude
of moments to come,
as time flows
coloured images fade,
as space shifts
and none is home,
as they leave
the longing remains, new hope.
~ FlorenceT

Watching days passing by, humanity on the ebb and flow of connection and separation, and awareness that little is in our control.

Yet we continue on our quest, our striving, our search for an otherness… pursuing this incredible experience of being human.

Do we not know we are spirit and energy and matter? Can we hold to being nothing and everything? That we are solitary and community?

Shall we entertain the possibility that duality, dichotomy, polarity is not reality? That the sea contains a multitude of possibilities…so does the sky…so does this infinite existence.

~ FlorenceT

© 2023 Copyright reserved. The author asserts her moral and legal rights over this work.


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