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How’s your world?

“…collective consciousness is made up of individual consciousnesses. And each individual consciousness contains all the elements of collective consciousness.”

Thich Nhat Hanh, “Silence: The Power of Quiet In A World Full of Noise”

There are healthy and toxic elements, destructive and healing elements in our world which make up the collective consciousness. The savage gossips, the violent media, the divisive judgment, the kind gestures, the relieving nature,…every thought, word and deed, the ideas, beliefs and values.

Every moment we are faced with these elements and each moment we are compelled to choose whether to invite or deny them entry into our minds and hearts. What we let in becomes part of us, our individual consciousness.

Today, are you hanging out with critical and often complaining people? Are you in the midst of unrelenting noise? Are you consuming media filled with dissatisfaction, anger and violence?

Today, are you choosing to surround yourself with art, beauty and love, to be among the wholesomeness of nature, to interact people who demonstrate care and kindness?

We live in the world and we cannot hide from it. I for one do not intend to be a recluse. However I will be selective about what I invite into my world. I choose to invite the healthy and healing elements as often as I am mindful to do so.

What do you choose to invite into your heart and mind? What elements of the collective consciousness are within your individual consciousness?

~ FlorenceT

© 2022 FlorenceT Copyright reserved. The author asserts her moral and legal rights over this work.


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