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What remains…


a word I haven’t contemplated much

there’s been lots of changes – the whats, whys, wheres, whens – and the hows of getting by, managing, overcoming

there was reluctant acceptance (an oxymoron perhaps) and embracing appearances of what had been unknowns and unexpected

there were disappearances – some necessary, some beyond our control – and all heartbreaking

there were new learning, beautiful arrivals and gradual healing as time passed

yet there remains for me the comfort of home with its modern trappings, the love of and for my people, the privilege of choice and decision-making, the persevering opportunities to pursue my desires

each year, at this time of year, I am confronted with the loss and suffering in our world  even as I celebrate with closed ones, and I am grateful for the seeing and feeling self even though it breaks my heart

each year, I am faced with the humanity of our human existence… and I am drawn to the evolving world, the unchanging change, and persisting hope for a less complex, far kinder world

and in my power, I choose to contribute to a positive humanity even as I acknowledge the shadows that lurk in our existence

and in my world, as within my power, I hold these forces in harmony, unwavered by the loud clamoring outside

because love, connection, awareness, autonomy and privilege – these remain unchanging for me

what remains unchanging for you? and what of for others?

may this time be one of conscious celebration

~Florence T

© 2021 FlorenceT Copyright reserved. The author asserts her moral and legal rights over this work.


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