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Life of your choosing

A few good friends, occasional entertainment, some good books for company…

What do you actually want (other than basic food, shelter and safety)?

NSW emerges from pandemic lockdown. The sighs of relief can be ‘heard’ and most certainly felt, and hope for return to a seemingly unfettered life, or at least a life of our choosing. Admittedly I am speaking from a place of privilege, where there is a certain autonomy and choice, where home is safety, otherwise conversations about this would differ.

Since the lockdown began, many have pined for reconnecting in person with friends and family, to being out and about. Yet 18 months is a long time, more than sufficient time for habits to form. A leisurely morning coffee or a morning run before we settle into work at home, putting on a load of washing during lunch, interacting with the kids after school, time out for family before finishing bits and pieces of work after dinner…

So what now? I imagine a life of our choosing is a little different from what we would have chosen preCOVID.

Even before the relief of easing restrictions settled, I encountered varying comments suggesting once again, a certain anxious response (of course, there were excited exclamations as well). Do I have to return to working in the office? Who do I invite first to a dinner party so as not to offend? How can I say ‘no’ to invitations to ‘reconnect’? Oh no, back to organizing kids’ play dates and activities?

The obligations and duties expected of us resurface.

To live a life of our choosing means evaluating what has or hasn’t worked well during the periods of restrictions, and only putting back what you want not what is expected.

Everyone of us has changed in this period of time; each one of us has realised something about ourselves that ought to inform the life we wish to lead moving forward.

For me it is this knowledge reinforced throughout the months of solitude that a few good friends, occasional entertainment including travel, some good books and food make for a contented life.

So don’t be too quick in bouncing back to what used to be, to the old normal.

Take your time, pause… and choose.

~ FlorenceT

© 2021 FlorenceT Copyright reserved. The author asserts her moral and legal rights over this work.


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