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A little slow

And so I find myself a little slow these days. Slow in my movements, slow to transition from one thing to another, slow to start or resume.

For one who usually moves briskly, eager to tackle tasks immediately and meeting things head on with vigour, this is potentially a cause for concern. Is it age, or malaise, or boredom, or…

As a child it was instilled in me that quick, immediate and deliberate actions indicate purpose and are associated with progress and growth. The contrary is to be stagnant and potentially left behind. There is no retreat.

Oddly in my slowness, I am as productive as before though productivity is overrated.

Reinforced through months of COVID restrictions, I have come to appreciate the moments in between doing, and taking time for doing. Practicing intentionality and being mindful in each aspect of doing.

Perhaps it is the attitude or energy with which I approach my doings – there is no rush. I am no longer chasing, no longer wondering if there is a better way, no longer fearful of “the consequences”, no longer needing to justify myself.

Coming to a sense of quiet accomplishment, of confidence and assurance of what I say or do, of being happy with who I am… they remove the need to fill voids.

Savouring the moments with my peoples, even my “objects” – well-crafted words, simple meals, sweet songs, fragrant tea, aromatic coffee, “addictive” gadgets, engaging visuals etc. – is enough.

Whatever is enough. All is enough.

~ FlorenceT

© 2021 FlorenceT Copyright reserved. The author asserts her moral and legal rights over this work.


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