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Saving the best

A week off work, and in my leisure, I chanced upon a new series led by a much-respected actor (whom I happen to like a lot 😉 ). So I started watching it and…wow! What a well-made series, with a clever plot and depth of performances by the cast so far.

In my experience, this does not happen often in K-drama land, which encompasses a variety of genres in the likes of “Days of Our Lives” to” CSI” to “A Good Doctor” and reality shows. Yes, they cater to a wide variety of audiences, and are generally entertaining and with “beautiful” people. But high quality series don’t come by often.

So there I was, entranced by this Korean series but reluctant to move on to the next episode. I wanted to prolong each episode, to savour the scenes and performance.

The series has been out a while, so I could have binged on the available episodes as I have done on occasions in the past. I recall completing exams  which was to determine my university fate, and binging on three C-drama series at one sitting. One can say I was catching up on what I’d missed, or that it was a reward for my hard work and stressful year then, or as stress-relief.

The past year and the half have been “stressful” not merely with work, but also the restrictions to travel and the perpetual news of doom and gloom, anger and destruction. So yes, distraction with TV binging wouldn’t be a surprise.

So why did I not binge on this series, to see how it unfolded as quickly as possible?

I think about how I eat, preferring to keep my favourite foods till last so I am ultimately left with a positive eating experience – ending a meal with my favourite foods. But then, like many, I have eaten far too much of much loved foods at one sitting.

I treasure “things” and pace myself on the good things in life. This goes against advice received, of living passionately, throwing caution to the winds and indulging fully in the moment.

I have learnt to enjoy the present moments and yet, I am hardly hedonistic 🙂 . But then I am indiscriminate when it comes to buying books which catch my fancy.

Ah, I have ceased to live by labels. Am I cautious or reckless? Am I frugal or extravagant? Nonchalant or zealous? Am I moderate or excessive? This or that?

Guess I am both, subject to the context and what feels right in that moment? Not a bad thing, right 🙂 ?

Oh, and what makes delayed gratification gratifying? Mhmm…

~ FlorenceT


[BTW the series is “The Devil Judge” 악마판사 airing on TVN Korea, and to quote Wikipedia “The series is set in a dystopian version of South Korea, where people harbor hatred towards their leaders, and live in chaos. Trials are held through a courtroom live show aired on television.”]

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