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Cynics say

Cynics speak of the transactional nature of love. Maybe it is not so. And perhaps it is, on a functional perspective. In daily activities, choices are made. In the realm of human existence, decisions are taken. Give and take, so they say. We take stock; subconsciously for what cannot be measured. And in the midst of that, we sense something noble, more than… we hope there is.

Love, in its vastness encompasses all that is past, present and to come. It is whole, its energy transmits and corresponds. There is no less or more…it is one.

And through these lenses, we are intricately and inextricably connected. 

Love cannot be lost or gained. Love does not end. Love changes. Love is.


Here’s a song about love and well wishes…enjoying the melody and lyrics. Sometimes a simple song is what we need.

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